Carefree Ranch Homesteads

Carefree Ranch Homesteads lies furthest north in the development. The Homesteads cover over 850 acres split between 24 sub-dividable lots up to 36 acres in size. Lot elevations range between 2,580 and 3,760 feet.

Ranch Homesteads Homes

40384 N Brangus Road5B6,71433.5$3,500,000
9000 E Brahma Road6A4,75044.5$2,000,000
9203 E Brahma Road8C9,00057$5,200,0005881566
9325 E Brahma Road13A8,97355.5$3,775,000

Ranch Homesteads Lots

40204 N Brangus Road5C14.05$295,0005523378
40741 N Longhorn Drive7A13.56$649,0005527871
40749 N Longhorn Drive7C13.40$649,0005527877
40802 N Brangus Road9A15.95$985,0005843998
9278 E Limousin Drive15B12.29$750,0005577349
41439 N Brangus Road16C8.06$350,0005807534
41678 E Roundup Drive17B1.24$575,0005852805
41859 N Brangus Road18C12.28$356,0005150708
42449 N Charbray Drive19C10.82$199,0005627449